Saturday, 7 January 2012

Welcome to my blog

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone,

Welcome to the initial post of my personal blog. I’ve thought for a while about starting a blog based on some advice and recommendation from my few friends. This is my first effort and attempt at starting my own blog site. After several years of blog reading, I determined to give a new step and begin to inscribe about issues that interests me. It is obvious that I have a lot to discover, but I am flabbergasted at what I have already accomplished. As I learn more about the mechanics of blogging, I will purify this site and add new functionality to it.

In this blog, I anticipate to share about anything and everything. I merely will share whatsoever that comes to my mind. I won’t be following a habitual posting schedule here. I hope to adjoin some valuable input here on a regular basis, and I’ll try to keep it short and not bore you. I’ll primarily be using this to keep you up to date with what I’m working on and what I’ve come across but I also hope to add some constructive and useful articles and tips for self improvement, personal growth and productivity, motivation and education.

Please feel free to offer any feedback, suggestions about the topics that you would like to see and areas where I can get a little closer to perfection regarding this blog.

Disclaimer: This is my personal blog and website. Most information on this site consists of my personal opinions and is not of any other parties, including my employers, or any organization or person that I was, currently am, or maybe in the future affiliated with. Once again, nothing on this site should be construed as official word on anything. All information on this site is provided AS IS with no warranty of any kind and is not guaranteed to be accurate in any shape or form. While I allow others to leave comments on my site and blog, I take no responsibility for either the comments or the people who left them.

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